The JDO Show

74 - Elle Nash

July 26, 2017

Very happy to have Elle Nash on the show. Her novel, Animals Eat Each Other, will be out from Dzanc Books in 2018. She's the fiction editor over at Hobart Pulp, and the founding editor of Witch Craft Magazine.

In this episode we talk about her pregnancy, life in Arkansas, her time as a follower of Islam, the necessity of spiritual practice, living your best life, corporate drone-ism, politicians, and Marilyn Manson.


P.S. A few of the ideas I express in this one (particularly the stuff about the current failure of scientific materialism) is cribbed entirely from the work of Gordon White, who explains these things WAY better than I do on the recent episode of Against Everyone with Conner Habib. So check that out, after you listen to this one.