124 - Jeff Jackson

December 17, 2018

I look forward to conversations with Jeff, because I know he's not afraid to go to deep, interesting places when we talk about art, inspiration, and craft. In this one, we talk about Alan Clark's Elephant, art that acts as a creation/destruction machine, the importance of ritual, a theater piece designed to contact the dead, and viruses at war with each other.

Destroy All Monsters is out now from FSG Originals.

123 - Rob Vollmar

December 8, 2018

Eisner-nominated comics writer and sage/guru Rob Vollmar comes on the show to talk about the I Ching.

122 - Scott Adlerberg 5

December 2, 2018

Scott comes on the show to talk about an idea we've been chatting a lot about in private...the idea that sitcoms might be one of the best artistic mediums.

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121 - Michael Kazepis

November 27, 2018

Today on the show me and Kazepis talk La Croix, Kanye West, social media, David Lynch, precognition, and supernatural stuff. It's the great weirdo vs. atheist debate! Sort of. It's a lot of fun.

PS: I got the date for Gobekli Tepe waayyyyy off. I blame beer. It's estimated at 11,000 years old, not 17,000.

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120 - William Perk

November 20, 2018

William Perk comes on to talk about being addicted to heroin, visiting Thailand, creating a Christian troll character that haunted Portland for years, driving a car for a living, fighting with a customer, and his new book, Killing Poppy.

119 - John E. Swan

November 6, 2018

John E. Swan came on the show to talk about the beauty of insensitivity, the tricky business of influence, and feeding your demons.

Check out Swan's new book Any Way to Elsewhere

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118 - Brian Alan Ellis

October 20, 2018

Brian came on to talk about videogames, alcohol, when to cut people out of your life, and writing his new book, Sad Laughter.

117 - Benjamin DeVos

September 21, 2018

In this episode, Ben and I talk about how most books just aren't doing it for us, a scrambled bootleg version of Pierre Guyotat's Tomb for 500,000 Dead Soldiers, cool new indie presses, typos in books, plotlessness, and working as a cleaner.

Ben's new book is called The Bar is Low

116 - William Boyle

September 5, 2018

Bill is back to talk about how his indie title Gravesend evolved into a huge success, his upbringing in New York City, being translated into French, George Pelecanos, and appearing in the New York Times. Finally, we talk some shop, covering characters and themes in Gravesend.

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115 - Adam Cayton-Holland

August 23, 2018

Comedian Adam Cayton-Holland stops by the podcast to talk about his new tragicomic memoir Tragedy + Time. We talk writing as therapy, OCD, dealing with hecklers, this time I saw Tom Green lose his shit, how writing jokes informs (or doesn't inform) writing books, and an awesome bit about a red hawk.

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