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120 - William Perk

120 - William Perk

November 20, 2018

William Perk comes on to talk about being addicted to heroin, visiting Thailand, creating a Christian troll character that haunted Portland for years, driving a car for a living, fighting with a customer, and his new book, Killing Poppy.

119 - John E. Swan

119 - John E. Swan

November 6, 2018

John E. Swan came on the show to talk about the beauty of insensitivity, the tricky business of influence, and feeding your demons.

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118 - Brian Alan Ellis

118 - Brian Alan Ellis

October 20, 2018

Brian came on to talk about videogames, alcohol, when to cut people out of your life, and writing his new book, Sad Laughter.

117 - Benjamin DeVos

117 - Benjamin DeVos

September 21, 2018

In this episode, Ben and I talk about how most books just aren't doing it for us, a scrambled bootleg version of Pierre Guyotat's Tomb for 500,000 Dead Soldiers, cool new indie presses, typos in books, plotlessness, and working as a cleaner.

Ben's new book is called The Bar is Low

116 - William Boyle

116 - William Boyle

September 5, 2018

Bill is back to talk about how his indie title Gravesend evolved into a huge success, his upbringing in New York City, being translated into French, George Pelecanos, and appearing in the New York Times. Finally, we talk some shop, covering characters and themes in Gravesend.

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115 - Adam Cayton-Holland

115 - Adam Cayton-Holland

August 23, 2018

Comedian Adam Cayton-Holland stops by the podcast to talk about his new tragicomic memoir Tragedy + Time. We talk writing as therapy, OCD, dealing with hecklers, this time I saw Tom Green lose his shit, how writing jokes informs (or doesn't inform) writing books, and an awesome bit about a red hawk.

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114 - Scott Adlerberg 4

114 - Scott Adlerberg 4

August 15, 2018

On today's episode of the podcast, Scott and I talk strange theatergoers, Sicario, mean art, Stray Bullets, Antibirththe recent phenomenon of "sensitivity reading," cultural appropriation, Alex Jones, and our fundamental disagreement on conspiracy theories.

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113 - Kelby Losack 2

113 - Kelby Losack 2

August 8, 2018

I talk to Kelby about not drinking, ghosts, magic, demons, The Invisibles, new projects, rap, written dialogue, and why we think traditional narratives have got to go.

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112 - Jordan Harper 4

112 - Jordan Harper 4

August 1, 2018

The reigning champ of JDO Show appearances is back.

We talk about the sad conclusion to Jordan's LA Confidential journey, getting back into movies over television, James Gunn, offensive jokes, a surprisingly deep look at American History X, white supremacists co-opting cool imagery, alternate-universe David and Jordan, the Trader Joe's shooter, proximity of violence, why America is a haunted monster, ironic suicidal ideation on Twitter, rules for using Twitter responsibility, and rejecting the new.

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111 - Rose O’Keefe

111 - Rose O’Keefe

July 14, 2018

The publisher-in-chief of Eraserhead Press stopped by to talk about the invention of Bizarro as a genre, the early days, Bizarrocon, Edgefield, renewing creative enthusiasm, dealing with difficult personalities, the evolution of print on demand technology, judging a book by its cover, ass goblins, the nicest cease and desist letter of all time, the secrets to selling books, Andrew ZimmernParasite Milkhow to build a readership, building momentum, The Unyielding, and what she looks for in a book.

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