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94 - Douglas Light

94 - Douglas Light

January 18, 2018

Douglas Light stopped by the podcast to talk about his new novel Where Night Stopsout February 13th from Rare Bird Books. This is a big "book talk" episode, and we also talk about pacing, cutting out all the bullshit, outlining vs. going with the flow, collaboration, dialogue, adapting his books for film, and getting shit-talked by Peter Fonda.

Side note: this is my favorite read of the year so far (I know, it's early, but I get excited about good books). Make sure you pre-order this one if you're a fan of Denis Johnson's Nobody Move, Joan Didion, or even my books (I feel like they're cut from the same cloth).

93 - Jeff Jackson 2

93 - Jeff Jackson 2

January 18, 2018

Jeff Jackson is one of my favorite living writers, and he's back on the show to talk about a whole gang of stuff, namely:

death of lit

singing vs. writing

the bad positivity of writing advice

leaving everything on the page vs. letting ideas simmer

Twin Peaks

going back and reading old writing

the great Dougie Jones debate

how time and boredom enhances emotional impacts

jacques rivette

Jeff's theater production of The Dream of the Red Chamber, a play that’s meant to be seen in your dreams

“normal” people who make fucked up shit

enjoying mean-spirited art

applying state fascism to art

policing people’s imagination

dennis cooper’s work (specifically the sluts)

the value of intersectional critique

american racism

butting up against the limits of your talent

Check out Jeff's work HERE

Follow him @DeathofLit

92 - Lucas Mangum

92 - Lucas Mangum

January 8, 2018

Lucas Mangum is the author of Flesh and Fire and the upcoming Gods of the Dark Web. On this episode, we talk about his time as a 911 operator, the extremity of horror, manifesting vs. exorcising, Kenneth Grant, good writing being unnecessary for a good book, James Patterson, Brian Keene, pretentious books, characters needing to want something, confidence vs. talent, the philosophy of Beavis and Butthead, the spirit of a work not wanting to give you satisfaction, unauthorized novella adaptations of films, Marilyn Manson, and knee-jerk reactions.

91 - Angel Luis Colón

91 - Angel Luis Colón

January 7, 2018

Angel Luis Colón is the guest today. He's the author of The Fury of Black Jaguar, Meat City on Fire, and No Happy Endings. We talk about tough guys with kids, PC culture, writing outside your experience, being "the young guys" in a writing scene, Lovecraft being racist as fuck, why there aren't many mid-level crime presses, Twin Peaks, reactive fiction, hustling: good or bad?, bad words in ficiton, Shadowbahn, and an epic story about Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

90 - Jordan Harper 3

90 - Jordan Harper 3

January 5, 2018

Jordan Harper is the author of She Rides Shotgun (aka A Lesson in Violence) and television writer (The Mentalist, Gotham, LA Confidential). In this episode we talk about sobriety and adjusting to that life, Thailand, different styles of bathrooms, the ethics of prostitution, the end of work, the weirdness of debt, geopolitics, Russiagate, sexual harrassment, the mental illnesses that run Hollywood, how does Paul Thomas Anderson happen?, lessons learned writing for TV, how to tell a story, non-sequential writing, problems with Good Time, food tourism, and Shark Tank.

89 - Robert Dean

89 - Robert Dean

January 4, 2018

Robert Dean is the Austin-based author of The Red Seven. He used to be a party DJ/entertainer in New Orleans, and he brings the fffffffire stories about swingers and squirting. Probably the dirtiest story in this podcast's history. We also talk bachelorette parties, gentrification (LEFT TURN!), getting healthy, how much time is in a day (it's 24 hours), emotion divorced from action, knife fighting the world, spirits of place, our world of writers, and why Texas might be the best state.

88 - Nicolás Obregón

88 - Nicolás Obregón

December 18, 2017

It was my pleasure to host Nicolás Obregón on the podcast. He's a crime series writer, and a really chill dude. We talk the spirit of LA, Jung, characters as spirits, how to balance staying true to yourself with writing commercially, being a "young" writer, memes that exist to suffer, talking to yourself, what to do with racist statues, syncronicity, twitter feuds, and classism. We also talk about his novel Blue Light Yokohama.

Also, the "essay" I was trying to recall about opening a "Racism Museum" wasn't an essay at all, but rather an episode of Rune Soup. Worth a listen.

Please do check out Nic's fantastic Blue Light Yokohama

Follow him on Twitter: @NicObregon

Follow me on Twitter: @brbjdo

Thanks for listening folks!!!

87 - Stranger Things 2 and Thor: Ragnarok w/ David James Keaton

87 - Stranger Things 2 and Thor: Ragnarok w/ David James Keaton

November 20, 2017

intro: quitting Facebook, carving out a life, editing stuff

podcast chat starts at 13 minutes in

goofy ass Facebook arguments

fighting in movies

sean astin


pandering to the 80s

a siege of googly monsters

too much conflict

characters running from computers

geography of fictional towns

novelization of ET (this is a callback I think)

episode 7 ruled

people forgetting powers exist

the comfort of entertainment

sleazy 80s movies

extended commentary on basic instinct

a different view on romancing the stone

heated seats for nap time

hangover leather jackets

what do characters smell like

would the hulk eventually be as smart as bruce banner

too many powers

the pacific rim problem

why watch shit that you hate?

dave never saved anyone as a lifeguard

creepy youtube videos for children

texting while driving

86 - Scott Adlerberg

86 - Scott Adlerberg

November 11, 2017

On today's episode, I talk to Scott about Bouchercon, Toronto, Cameroon, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, art/artist, and more!

85 - Michael Stevens

85 - Michael Stevens

November 2, 2017

Mike has been one of my best friends for the past ten years. He's been in the military, and he's got an encyclopedic knowledge of weird laws and comic books. I was able to get a conversation with him during my travels through Oklahoma. Enjoy!