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112 - Jordan Harper 4

112 - Jordan Harper 4

August 1, 2018

The reigning champ of JDO Show appearances is back.

We talk about the sad conclusion to Jordan's LA Confidential journey, getting back into movies over television, James Gunn, offensive jokes, a surprisingly deep look at American History X, white supremacists co-opting cool imagery, alternate-universe David and Jordan, the Trader Joe's shooter, proximity of violence, why America is a haunted monster, ironic suicidal ideation on Twitter, rules for using Twitter responsibility, and rejecting the new.

Jordan's Twitter: 

111 - Rose O’Keefe

111 - Rose O’Keefe

July 14, 2018

The publisher-in-chief of Eraserhead Press stopped by to talk about the invention of Bizarro as a genre, the early days, Bizarrocon, Edgefield, renewing creative enthusiasm, dealing with difficult personalities, the evolution of print on demand technology, judging a book by its cover, ass goblins, the nicest cease and desist letter of all time, the secrets to selling books, Andrew ZimmernParasite Milkhow to build a readership, building momentum, The Unyielding, and what she looks for in a book.

Eraserhead Press

Rose on Twitter

110 - BR Yeager

110 - BR Yeager

July 4, 2018

we talk: fucked up shit on the internet, mean art, does the internet cause bad behavior, weird kids' videos on Youtube, lie machines, underground shit, how to read difficult books, adjusting expectations, the internet isn't real, 

BR's website

Buy Amygdalatropolis here

Schism Press

inside the castle

an ideal for living by eugene thacker

109 - Elle Nash

109 - Elle Nash

June 25, 2018

Today I talk to Elle Nash, the author of Animals Eat Each Other

We talk about indestructible babies, poor kid food, random number generators, AI, the frightening depths of algorithms and metadata, running a magazine, communication between authors and editors, nu metal for babies, the cultural embarrassment around nu metal, bad brains, animals eat each other, short novels vs. long novels, tao lin’s “trip”, charles manson, mk ultra, LSD, and talk of the future (featuring adorable baby noises)

You can pick up her book here

witch craft mag

108 - Jeff Noon

108 - Jeff Noon

May 28, 2018

The legendary Jeff Noon stops by the podcast to talk titles, middlebrow culture, combining the avant garde with pulp, the making of the nyquist novels, Italo Calvino, content as virus that infects the host (form), the rules he’s used to write all of his novels, the four levels of imagination, and writing for the reader. This episode even concludes with a reading from The Body Library!


Buy A Man of Shadows here

Buy The Body Library here

A great piece on Jeff's work can be found here (The Guardian)

The ten-part Litreactor series on the making of A Man of Shadows

Jeff's Twitter

107 - Joe Milazzo

107 - Joe Milazzo

May 17, 2018

Joe Milazzo is a novelist focused on consciousness. He is the author of Crepuscule with Nellie, a surreal and dense "speculative historical fiction novel about Thelonious Monk, his wife Nellie, and his confidant and patron the Baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter." 

In this episode, we talk gift economies, uncomfortable art, Tropisms, Joseph McElroy's Plus (a novel about a brain coming into consciousness in space), the opacity of social media, Philip K. Dick, going crazy while reading a crazy book, anchor characters, and "woodshedding."

Joe's website

Joe's Twitter

106 - Rachel Bell 2

106 - Rachel Bell 2

May 10, 2018

This is kind of an older one. I fell behind on posting episodes. Sorry guys.

Rachel Bell is one of my favorite writers and she always makes for a fun podcast guest. We talk about her adventures in France and being a professional memer and some weird shit.


Find all of her info here

Hear her new album "Coping" here

105 - Mike McCrary

105 - Mike McCrary

May 7, 2018

Mike McCrary comes on the podcast to talk about people getting upset about the F-word in books, how he writes books so fast, Pomodoro technique, outlining a series, how to get an agent, golden handcuffs, my Chuck Palahniuk theory, blurbs, the "rubber sheet" scene, making concessions, and the changing landscape of Austin, Texas.

Mike's books can be found here

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104 - Tom Stern

104 - Tom Stern

April 18, 2018

Today we have Tom Stern, the author of My Vanishing Twin. Tom and I have a fun conversation about the St. Louis city museum / meowolf, parallel dimensions, writing road trips, doing the work, Flannery O’Connor, vanishing twins, pursuing your passion, unlikeable characters, how to mix art with commerce, and “finding your way” into projects you might not be in love with.

Check out My Vanishing Twin here 

103 - Ken Ilgunas

103 - Ken Ilgunas

April 11, 2018

Ken Ilgunas, author of This Land is Our Land, comes on the show to talk about our right to roam by foot across the country. He takes an interesting, bold position: that we should really rethink how we view both private and public property, with an eye towards opening them up to more freedom. We also talk visiting ancestral homelands, trespassing across America, how few people own most of the land, wildness vs. wilderness, Trump despair, setting out to create ideas that will outlive you, The Long Now Foundation, Present Shock, Out of the Wreckage, allemansrätten, and we close out with some fun talks about forest baths, moose chases, cactus injuries, and why Oklahoma was the scariest state to walk across.

Ken's website

This Land is Our Land

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