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NO COUNTRY - The Nature Theater of Oklahoma

NO COUNTRY - The Nature Theater of Oklahoma

September 2, 2020

JDO here. On this episode, Kris and I follow up on our idea of writing as explorative rather than expressive. We discuss the sensory impact of Oklahoma, the people in my neighborhood, fitting into a place, performative weirdness versus natural weirdness, Kafka, The Flaming Lips, David Lynch, the musicality of the word "Oklahoma," incorporating words from other languages, and the magic of metaphor.

I hope you're enjoying this new show. Kris and I are having a blast.

133 - Kelby Losack

133 - Kelby Losack

September 1, 2020

The JDO Show is back with Houston writer Kelby Losack. On this episode, we talk about:

mike jones


the illusion of realistic writing

recording dialogue

in the shit

a day in the life of a wild man

human baseball bat

welfare by steve anwyll

sam pink


underground indie rap

selling books

people read all day

liveblog by megan boyle

literally show me a healthy person by darcie wilder

the sluts by dennis cooper

really gay online

alice knott by blake butler

the only good indians by stephen graham jones


marigold by troy james weaver

hurricane season

working for yourself

the secret to american health care


baby talk

don't hit your kids

encounters with stepdads

don't fight at the gas station

breaking bad

the strange high of being wild

the invisibles by grant morrison

music and mixing by ous/li

NO COUNTRY - The Butterfly in Your Mouth

NO COUNTRY - The Butterfly in Your Mouth

August 26, 2020

Hey everyone, JDO here. Welcome to my brand new podcast NO COUNTRY, which I cohost with cult writer, nature photographer, and "failed anthropologist" Kris Saknussemm. NO COUNTRY is about Magic (from Jungian/Western occult/indigenous perspectives), how to revive books and literature, and why we love America, even though we both feel like strangers here most of the time.

This is a podcast that exists because it's a small niche that I hadn't seen filled quite yet: the intersection of magic, books, and dudes being dudes. Kris is an excellent storyteller, and we swap stories back and forth about how to understand place, encounters with shamans and street people, and how tornadoes are gods.

I'm restarting the "interview" style JDO Show as well, so eventually NO COUNTRY will have its own home. I figured I'd use this platform initially to show as many people as possible. This one is professionally mixed, too. So it sounds great.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you tune in for more episodes in the future.

If you like the music, that was done by Ous/Li. Check out his music here.

132 - “In the Dark Places of Wisdom” by Peter Kingsley (w/ Rob Vollmar)

132 - “In the Dark Places of Wisdom” by Peter Kingsley (w/ Rob Vollmar)

June 9, 2020

Hey folks! This will be the last episode of the JDO Show for a few months. I'm moving soon, so Rob and I will live closer to each other, and we're cooking up something a little different. I very well might scrub this thing clean. I like starting fresh.

So think of this as (kind of) the last episode of "THE JDO SHOW", and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

We go over In the Dark Places of Wisdom, about Parmenides, mystery traditions, Apollo worship, and how mysticism in the West got erased by Plato.

The audio is a little off at the beginning, but I put a compressor on it, and it should sound pretty okay.


131 - “Death in Venice” by Thomas Mann (w/ Scott Adlerberg)

131 - “Death in Venice” by Thomas Mann (w/ Scott Adlerberg)

April 20, 2020

We discuss Thomas Mann's 1912 novel Death in Venice, which follows a famous German author on his vacation, where he becomes obsessed with a young boy and develops cholera. I'm really boiling it down, here. The book has many wonderful passages about art and writing, which Scott and I discuss at length, in addition to the novel's frightening similarity to our own time of quarantine.

130 - “The Transmigration of Bodies” by Yuri Herrera (solo show)

130 - “The Transmigration of Bodies” by Yuri Herrera (solo show)

April 7, 2020

We have a solo show this time! In it I discuss Yuri Herrera's masterful crime novel The Transmigration of Bodies. It's...timely! 

"A plague has brought death to the city. Two feuding crime families with blood on their hands need our hard-boiled hero, The Redeemer, to broker peace. Both his instincts and the vacant streets warn him to stay indoors, but The Redeemer ventures out into the city’s underbelly to arrange for the exchange of the bodies they hold hostage."

I discuss how to build a world and the characters in it with very few words, the novel's sexual politics, and most importantly its meditation on plagues and death.

Afterwards I give a few tips that have been working for me to stay sane in quarantine.

129 - “Climate: A New Story” by Charles Eisenstein

129 - “Climate: A New Story” by Charles Eisenstein

March 15, 2020

Today on the show, Rob and I discuss a book that tackles ecosystemic problems in a holistic, innovative, and sober way. Climate is highly recommended to anyone out there suffering from feelings of hopelessness or despair with regard to the environment.

In this episode, we cover: the problem with lowering carbon emissions, techno-optimism, climate catastrophism, battling despair, Gaia theory, regenerative agriculture, and the solution to the "overpopulation" problem.

128 - “Twilight of the Machines” by John Zerzan (w/ Rob Vollmar)

128 - “Twilight of the Machines” by John Zerzan (w/ Rob Vollmar)

February 23, 2020

In this episode, Rob and I discuss John Zerzan's Twilight of the Machines. The description on Powell's reads:

"The mentor of the green anarchist and neo-primitive movements is back with his first book in six years, confronting civilization, mass society, and modernity and technoculture—both the history of its developing crisis and the possibilities for its human and humane solutions.

As John Zerzan writes, 'These dire times may yet reveal invigorating new vistas of thought and action. When everything is at stake, all must be confronted and superseded. At this moment, there is the distinct possibility of doing just that.'"

Rob and I discuss the history of civilization as put forth in the book, primal anarchism, static language vs. language of becoming, symbolism, depression, immediacy, and whether or not art is inherently bad. We also discuss how to apply the ideas presented in this book. How do we begin to tear off the Band-Aid that is our modern lives?

127 - “Mumbo Jumbo” by Ishmael Reed w/ Scott Adlerberg (Part 2)

127 - “Mumbo Jumbo” by Ishmael Reed w/ Scott Adlerberg (Part 2)

February 9, 2020

The second part of our conversation gets much more "Jes Grew" than the first. While we talk about the novel (including a recap of the Egyptian mythology), we delve deep into the Jes Grew vs. Atonist divide, and what our modern art could learn from dropping a "good vs. bad" aesthetic to focus more on whether or not the work of art feels alive or inert. We also talk about whether or not Warren J. Harding was our first black president.

126 - “Mumbo Jumbo” by Ishmael Reed w/ Scott Adlerberg (Part 1)

126 - “Mumbo Jumbo” by Ishmael Reed w/ Scott Adlerberg (Part 1)

February 2, 2020

In the first part of our discussion about Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo, we talk about the plot of the novel, Jes Grew, the Harlem Renaissance, the concept of The Talking Android, Charles S. Wright, and the problem with creating art from the perspective of misery.

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