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NO COUNTRY - The Butterfly in Your Mouth

August 26, 2020

Hey everyone, JDO here. Welcome to my brand new podcast NO COUNTRY, which I cohost with cult writer, nature photographer, and "failed anthropologist" Kris Saknussemm. NO COUNTRY is about Magic (from Jungian/Western occult/indigenous perspectives), how to revive books and literature, and why we love America, even though we both feel like strangers here most of the time.

This is a podcast that exists because it's a small niche that I hadn't seen filled quite yet: the intersection of magic, books, and dudes being dudes. Kris is an excellent storyteller, and we swap stories back and forth about how to understand place, encounters with shamans and street people, and how tornadoes are gods.

I'm restarting the "interview" style JDO Show as well, so eventually NO COUNTRY will have its own home. I figured I'd use this platform initially to show as many people as possible. This one is professionally mixed, too. So it sounds great.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you tune in for more episodes in the future.

If you like the music, that was done by Ous/Li. Check out his music here.

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