The JDO Show

93 - Jeff Jackson 2

January 18, 2018

Jeff Jackson is one of my favorite living writers, and he's back on the show to talk about a whole gang of stuff, namely:

death of lit

singing vs. writing

the bad positivity of writing advice

leaving everything on the page vs. letting ideas simmer

Twin Peaks

going back and reading old writing

the great Dougie Jones debate

how time and boredom enhances emotional impacts

jacques rivette

Jeff's theater production of The Dream of the Red Chamber, a play that’s meant to be seen in your dreams

“normal” people who make fucked up shit

enjoying mean-spirited art

applying state fascism to art

policing people’s imagination

dennis cooper’s work (specifically the sluts)

the value of intersectional critique

american racism

butting up against the limits of your talent

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