The JDO Show

134 - “The Invisibles” w/ Gordon White (Rune Soup Swapcast)

September 8, 2020

This week it is my honor to swapcast with my favorite podcast, Rune Soup! In this episode, we use the 90s classic graphic novel The Invisibles to work out how to grow and adapt to the coming storm.

Gordon White is the author of Star.Ships, The Chaos Protocols, and Pieces of Eight.


my ghost story


don’t talk about shit before it’s done

the mind virus

do people like to be afraid?

gordon and david describe the invisibles

covered in potting soil

 the spell of the conspiracy

no one thinks they’re the bad guy

conspiracy is acting in class interest

against control

if you are being atomized, we are in the presence of the archons

the time that grant put himself in the book

don’t abuse your metaphor

i thought alan moore was cool

metaphor comes first

how you play is what you win

wanna win? don’t play

australia has always been a police state

active non-participation

tim dillon lovefest

the big 5 cabal

jdo’s bizarro origin story

time loops and mushroom tech

the invisibles is from the ‘90s

the future and value of novels


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