The JDO Show

133 - Kelby Losack

September 1, 2020

The JDO Show is back with Houston writer Kelby Losack. On this episode, we talk about:

mike jones


the illusion of realistic writing

recording dialogue

in the shit

a day in the life of a wild man

human baseball bat

welfare by steve anwyll

sam pink


underground indie rap

selling books

people read all day

liveblog by megan boyle

literally show me a healthy person by darcie wilder

the sluts by dennis cooper

really gay online

alice knott by blake butler

the only good indians by stephen graham jones


marigold by troy james weaver

hurricane season

working for yourself

the secret to american health care


baby talk

don't hit your kids

encounters with stepdads

don't fight at the gas station

breaking bad

the strange high of being wild

the invisibles by grant morrison

music and mixing by ous/li

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